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We deliver training to frontline practitioners working in the health, education, social, youth and community sectors in either a professional or voluntary capacity. Since 2001, we have delivered our evidence-based, accredited and evaluated training to over 1,500 frontline practitioners.

We offer a range of training programmes, including ABLE  and Ag Eisteacht4Business, which are built on our core values of time, attention and respect. We focus on relational capability which is the capacity of people to establish and maintain close relationships, both at home and in the wider community, as a key determinant of health and well being.

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Watch Our Video About The ABLE Training Programme

To learn more about what our accredited, evidence informed, relational training programme ABLE is all about watch the short clip below where our CEO, Dr Maeve Hurley, gives a brief summary of what the training involves and the research that underpins it.

Upcoming Courses

ABLE Homeless Initiative

Oct 2nd, 16th, 17th & Nov 9th 2017

ABLE Training Programme

Oct 4th, 18th & 19th 2017

Who will benefit from attending our training courses

Our courses are aimed at frontline workers across a wide range of sectors:

  • Frontline workers in the health, education, homeless, social, disability, youth and community sectors
  • People who work directly with children and families
  • HR directors, managers and teams

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Diverse Work Group


  • Excellent and very practical – so relevant to the profession.
    – Juanita
  • Having completed the course with some colleagues, we will be able to implement the model with peer support. I will recommend to colleagues that have not done training yet
    – Social Worker
  • Excellent facilitation and really supportive group. Small numbers but it seemed to work quite well
    – Senior Speech & Language Therapist
  • The course is very relevant & helps me reflect more on my ways of working, and gives good insight on how to use the ABLE model.
    – Cathal
    Youth & Family Support Worker
  • Very good & insightful! The course was a great help to me. It dispelled any preconceived ideas re my role
    – Senior Physio- Special Needs

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