ABLE Training Programme

Relational based training for Frontline Practitioners

Course Introduction

The evidence shows that relationships matter – they affect our mental and physical health and well-being. When people are finding it hard to cope, particularly in their relationships, research has shown that they often turn to a frontline practitioner in their lives whom they already trust. As a frontline practitioner this can be difficult to manage when balancing a heavy caseload. However, adopting a Relational Approach and learning the skills of the brief intervention model, ABLE, strengthens frontline workers' ability to support clients during these times whilst also minding themselves in the process.

ABLE furnishes practitioners with the skills and steps involved in building an effective working relationship, establishing boundaries, listening actively and reflectively, and empowering service users to create solutions to their issues. A Relational Approach allows practitioners to be mindful of the relationships which form part of their service user’s and their own working lives, whilst increasing awareness of the impact of relationships on health and well-being, families and communities.


Course Aim

Equip frontline practitioners with the knowledge, skills and confidence to adopt a relational approach to their practice and to use a brief intervention model, ABLE, to respond effectively to service user’s in distress. 

Through the course material, experiential learning exercises and group discussions, the course explores:

  • Brain science evidence linking relational well-being to health outcomes;
  • Benefits of reflective functioning - making sense of what is going on for service user’s and practitioners during their practice;
  • Application of relevant aspects of Infant Mental Health, Attachment Theory and Brain Science to help frontline practitioners better understand their service user’s and colleagues;
  • Evidence based information on relationship stages and key messages from conflict research, with the purpose of helping service users strengthen their own relationships.

Who is the training for?

The training will benefit frontline practitioners in the areas of health, education, social, youth and community sectors. If, when you are at work or volunteering, you are regularly ‘turned to’ for support by those you encounter then this training will be helpful to you.

How will this training help me in my work?

The ABLE Training programme will:

  • Allow you to learn the skills of a brief intervention model and have a new process for managing situations with distressed service users;
  • Strengthen your ability to respond effectively to clients in distress using evidence based knowledge;
  • Help you better manage your time, establish boundaries and be mindful of self-care;
  • Enhance your understanding of the impact of relationships on health and wellbeing and your ability to apply this knowledge to practice;
  • Increase your ability to understand what is going on for your service users and to therefore better empathise and relate to your service users;
  • Provide a space where you can reflect on your own practice and increase the awareness of your own role in your interactions with service users. You will have an opportunity to identify areas for improvement whilst also having your capability as a practitioner refreshed, affirmed and expanded.

What way will the training benefit my clients/service users

  • The emphasis in this training is on early intervention and so service user’s issues are picked up upon and responded to before they escalate or become entrenched.

  • Due to the Client and Family Centred Approach promoted in this training and brief intervention model service user’s will be listened to and empowered to come up with, and action, their own solutions.

  • Key messages about relationships and transitions can be shared with service users thus helping them to better understand their situations and find a way forward.

  • Service users will be provided with opportunities to share concerns and challenges they face in establishing and / maintaining healthy and supportive relationships.

Course Evaluation

Here is a summary of participant evaluations from the 8 ABLE courses delivered thus far.  Please note you will need a PDF viewer such as adobe acrobat installed to view this file.

ABLE report.pdf

Course Contact

If you have any further questions about this training, please contact Therese by phone 021 5005915 or by email [email protected]

Course Fees and Cancellation Policy 2018

3 day open course

  • €250 is the Early Bird, subsidised fee which is available for those paying up to three weeks before the commencement day of the course.
  • €230 per person is the Group Discount for payment for three or more people on the same course. This group discount is also available up to three weeks prior to the commencement of the course subject to the availability of places
  • €300 is the Standard Subsidised Fee which is applicable to all bookings made less than three weeks prior to the start date of the course

Open Course Cancellation Policy:

Should a participant cancel their place more than 3 weeks prior to the start of a course a refund of €150 will be provided. For cancellations received between two and three weeks prior to the course a refund of €50 will be providedFor cancellations received less than two weeks prior to the commencement of the course unfortunately refunds can not be provided, bar under exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of Ag Eisteacht.

Commissioned Course Fee

€3200 for a commissioned course i.e. €200 per participant based on 16 participants (for inhouse delivery)The fee includes course manuals and certificates of attendance for all participants

A commissioning deposit of €1600 is required to secure the agreed team training dates.
The balance of the training fee of €1600 is invoiced after the course and payable within fifteen working weeks.

Commissioned Course Cancellation Policy:

50% of the deposit is refundable if the training is cancelled more than one month prior to the agreed commencement date.
In the event of a request to defer commissioned course dates Ag Eisteacht will endeavor to facilitate clients schedule as far as is possible, at no or minimal cost depending on the specific circumstances

Upcoming Courses

To book click on the course dates that suit you.

Cork: Mon 9th Oct, Mon 23rd & Tues 24th Oct | Venue - Northridge House Conference Centre, Mahon Road, Cork- FULLY BOOKED WAITING LIST IN OPERATION 

Limerick: Thurs 9th Nov, Tues 28th, Wed 29th | Venue- Castletroy Park Hotel, Dublin Rd, Reboge Meadows, Limerick

Dublin: Mon 13th Nov, Tues 28th & Wed 29th Nov | Venue - The Wisdom Centre, 25 Cork Street, Dublin 8

The training will be typically delivered by two experienced and licensed trainers over 3 workshops which run from 9.30am to 4.30pm. The first workshop is usually held two weeks before the second and third, which are held consecutively. This ensures that the workshops are interactive and varied to maximise participant engagement. Small group, visual and experiential learning methods are used in order to cater for all adult learning styles. Trainers will give live skills demonstrations and participants are also given an opportunity to practice the skills learned in the workshop.

Following the training, participants will be able to:

  • Use the skills of the brief intervention model ABLE in day to day practice to provide opportunities to clients and colleagues, to share concerns and challenges they face in establishing and / maintaining healthy and supportive relationships;
  • Identify the challenges service users may have in building supportive relationships and gain insights into what their behaviour may mean using evidence based information;
  • Incorporate mentalisation based skills (i.e. perceiving and interpreting human behaviour in terms of intentional mental states e.g. needs, desires, feelings, beliefs, goals, purposes, and reasons) into their work and outline how they will continue to develop these.

The subsidised cost for 2017 is €225 pp. The cost includes resource booklet, refreshments and lunch. This course can also be commissioned for your team, please contact Therese for more information.

The 3 Day ABLE programme is accredited by:

  • IASW (Irish Association of Social Workers)
  • SCI (Social Care Ireland)
  • NMBI (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland) for 16.5 NMBI CEUs.
  • RCSI Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery for 16.5 CEU's
  • ICGP (Irish College of General Practitioners) for CPD purposes

We provide a certificate of attendance which states the number of workshop hours completed for  other practitioners requiring evidence of Continuing Professional Development. If you have any further queries please feel free to contact Terri.


When is the next course being held?

Limerick: Thurs 9th Nov, Tues 28th, Wed 29th | Venue- Castletroy Park Hotel, Dublin Rd, Reboge Meadows, Limerick

Dublin: Mon 13th Nov, Tues 28th & Wed 29th Nov | Venue - The Wisdom Centre, 25 Cork Street, Dublin 8- *FULLY BOOKED, WAITING LIST IN OPERATION* 

Who will be delivering the training?

Two experienced Ag Eisteacht Trainers, who are licenced by Ag Eisteacht to deliver ABLE Training. Click here to see our trainer bios. If you have any further queries please feel free to contact Maeve. 

If I cannot attend one of the three days training what will this mean?

You will need to have completed Day 1 before attending Day 2 & Day 3 of the course. If you are unable to attend either Day 2 or Day 3 for an unavoidable reason we will do our best to accommodate you on a future course for the relevant day.

  • Interesting, well presented, VERY relevant.
    – Theresa
    Family Support
  • Very beneficial, practical. Essential for all practitioners to improve reflective practice, and ability to put relationships at the centre of what we do.
    – Evelyn
    Senior SLT
  • Having done a number of training courses recently on similar themes, I have found this course to be the most beneficial and the one I have gotten the most from. Great opportunity to participate in a safe environment. Excellent facilitators.
    – Social Worker
  • Having done a number of training courses recently on similar themes, I have found this course to be the most beneficial and one I have got most from. Great opportunity to participate in a safe environment. Excellent facilitators
    – Social Worker
  • The course is very relevant & helps me reflect more on my ways of working, and gives good insight on how to use the ABLE model.
    – Cathal
    Youth & Family Support Worker
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the course and couldn't recommend it highly enough.
    – Melanie
  • Very powerful, useful & emotive.
    – Nicola
  • Having completed the course with some colleagues, we will be able to implement the model with peer support. I will recommend to colleagues that have not done training yet
    – Social Worker
  • Relevant to the work we carry out. Course is well designed, laid out & facilitated. Facilitators had good knowledge of topics discussed.
    – Christine
    Parenting Support
  • Very good & insightful! The course was a great help to me. It dispelled any preconceived ideas re my role
    – Senior Physio- Special Needs
  • I would highly recommend the training. Very practical learning opportunities.
    – Fiona
  • The training will have a positive impact on your ability to support clients, and it will increase your sense of empowerment in being able to engage in interactions with clients.
    – Claire
  • Thank you personally and professionally
    – Project Manager-(OT) awaiting Children’s Service Manager post
  • Wonderful! Thoroughly enjoyable, perfect pace of delivery.
    Wonderful feeling of space created during the 2 days.
    – Evelyn
    Senior SLT
  • Very well run- good participation & engagement. Facilitators well organised. It was very relevant and valuable.
    – Ann
    Youth and Family Support
  • Trainers were excellent. Very well delivered. Very powerful, wonderful experience.
    – Gillian
    Project Worker
  • Comprehensive reflective course in adopting a relational approach.
    – Paula
    Services Manager
  • Very useful, beneficial. Emotional in a good way!
    – Michelle
    Senior Childcare worker/ RNID
  • It was good from a team perspective to have the space to explore human relationships and how they affect people both from a service user and colleague point of view. Trainers responded well to the needs and skills of the group.
    – Paula
    Services Manager
  • You need to attend ABLE! It is very interesting and informative
    – Social Worker
  • Trainers were excellent. Very approachable and understanding of everyone's individual needs from the training. Very enjoyable - many thanks
    – Speech and Language Therapist
  • Both Maeve & Patsy were approachable, knowledgeable & friendly.
    – Sinead
  • Take any opportunity to partake in this course!
    – Case Manager - Disability Services
  • It honestly was very good -I liked the way one trainer started and the other finished activities. Great variety of activities.
    – Project Manager-(OT) Awaiting Children’s Service Manager post
  • Do it! Great to do with colleagues/team members.
    – Aileen
  • Excellent course. Very beneficial to work and personal life
    – Manager Children's Disability Services
  • It gave an interesting insight into the importance of taking 10 mins to uncover any potential issues under the surface, and to encourage the client to problem solve
    – Home support worker and Occupational Therapist
  • Excellent and very practical – so relevant to the profession.
    – Juanita
  • Very experiential learning opportunities. Relevant to all interpersonal encounters in professional work.
    – Siobhan
  • Very informative. Wonderful presentation by facilitators. Great Slides.
    – Nicola
  • Would be particularly important/helpful as a way of ‘team building’ and bringing a team together when a new service is being developed.
    – Sharon
    Senior Psychologist
  • Very open and helpful course instructors!
    – Fiona
  • Both facilitators were brilliant, very skilled and professional.
    – Eileen
    Clinical Pyschologist
  • Well organised. Never felt rushed but plenty of time for discussion. Kept to the times which I really appreciated
    – Senior Occupational Therapist
  • The 2 trainers were excellent and made it so enjoyable and really know their stuff
    – Deirdre
    Senior Childcare Worker/ Nurse
  • Definitely recommend it especially for those meeting in complex cases
    – Senior Speech & Language Therapist
  • Well worth going on to learn about how to really listen to our service users and empower them
    – Senior Occupational Therapist
  • Excellent facilitation and really supportive group. Small numbers but it seemed to work quite well
    – Senior Speech & Language Therapist
  • It was a very practical and enjoyable skills based team building.
    – Yana
    Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Very helpful and enlightening.
    – Debbie
    Protection Service
  • Maeve and Patsy are fantastic and they made us feel very comfortable, felt listened to and respected. Very genuine, nice people. Well done and thank you
    – Social Worker
  • Beneficial both professionally and personally
    – Speech and Language Therapist
  • Excellent facilitators – great approach, very personal – down to remembering all of our names. Thank you.
    – Aileen
  • Thank you to Declan & Maeve. It was really valuable training & executed so well.
    – Mary
    Parenting Support Worker
  • Highly recommend. It’s a must do for centres seeking to adopt full family centred practice
    – Deirdre
    Senior Childcare worker/ Nurse
  • Really enjoyed it. Great for our team. Great course
    – Michelle
    Senior Childcare Worker/ RNID
  • Very enjoyable course -definitely beneficial to my own work
    – Case Manager - Disability Services
  • We really enjoyed the experience as communication is a very important and difficult part of our job. Both trainers were great presenters.
    – Tina
    Family Support Worker
  • Excellent course, very well presented and paced
    – Manager Children's Disability Services

Commissioned Initiatives

We are happy to tailor our ABLE model to meet your team's specific training needs. If you would like to discuss the various options available for commissioning training, please call Thérèse on 021 5005915 or email [email protected] 

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